Durham Tree Service Company

Durham Tree Service Company

Safety Comes First

Performing tree maintenance can be very dangerous business.  Falling trees can crush one to death, whilst saw dust can be hazardous to your lungs.  In our operations we adhere to some of the most strict safety regulations. As a result we have some of the lowest accident ratios in the tree care business.  Our staff will advise you on all safety precautions that have to be taken before we begin work on your property. All our employees have insurance and we shall advise you on our company’s safety policy.

Safety of our Employees and your Property a priority

With rightly trained and experienced staff, tree maintenance can be made safer. With 30 years of experience and highly trained staff we are able to perform all tree maintenance services very safely.  We are focused on carefully following all safety procedures when caring out a project. This is meant to protect your property, our staff and you of course!



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