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Shrubs provide landscapes with beautiful ornamentation, and are an important component of any green space; but unfortunately, sometimes they just aren’t doing their job and need to be removed. Shrubs may need to be removed for any of the following reasons:

  • Overgrowth: Amateur tree services will often plant shrubs anywhere, giving little thought to how the shrubbery will eventually grow, or overgrow, as the case often is! Improperly planted shrubs may be overtaking your walkway or property, making movement difficult and obscuring views. Once trimming and pruning are no long practical, it’s time to remove that shrub!
  • Illness and Decay: Shrubs can suffer illness and decay due to insect infestations, disease, and storm damage. More commonly, shrubbery may also fail to thrive if improper planting has left them without sufficient access to light and nutrients. If your shrub is dying, let our Durham experts remove it quickly and completely!
  • Relandscaping: Sometimes Durham commercial and residential property owners find that their landscape just isn’t working for them. Something about it may be projecting the wrong image, or it may require too much maintenance. If you’re considering relandscaping, our experts will be happy to give you a clean slate to work with by removing existing shrubs. We’ll also be happy to remove trees, grind stumps, & more!

Whatever the reason your Durham property requires shrub removal services, our North Carolina experts are here to help! We’re local experts who know just how to extract even the stubbornest shrubs from Durham’s soil. No matter how established your shrubs roots are, or how entangled they are with nearby debris, our service professionals will make fast work of them!

Our Durham Experts Offer Full Shrub, Tree, & Stump Removal Services!

Our tree service experts are fully trained professionals who, besides being able to make fast work of shrubs, also remove trees, grind stumps & more! We offer a complete range of small and large-scale land clearing services to communities across greater Durham, including yours! Whether you need a single shrub pulled up from your front yard, or twenty trees and ten stumps removed by Friday, our Durham experts can get the job done right! We’ll also do it at some of the most competitive prices in North Carolina! Don’t believe us? Why not contact us today for your free estimate, and find out about our incredible value for yourself!

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If you’re interested in shrub removal, or any other form of land clearing or tree services, contact our Durham office for a free estimate! We’ll be happy to discuss your needs, as well as construct a service plan that meets all your requirements. No matter how small or large your service needs are, our tree service professionals will be happy to help! We’re Durham’s favorite shrub and tree removal service, and we bet we’ll be yours too!

Our tree service experts regularly remove shrubs and trees in communities across Durham, including Cary, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham County. You can reach us at any time by filling out the contact form on the side of our website, e-mailing, or calling us at (919) 407-8330.


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