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Durham Tree De-Mossing

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Get Rid of All the Moss

The bark of trees stores vast amounts of nutrients, water and energy. Parasites are living organisms that live on the bodies of other organisms. Chief among these is moss. Moss grows on trees and lives off on the trees minerals and water. Moss many not pose a moor threat to your trees however it is a nuisance. It gives your surroundings an appearance of unkemptness, shabby to say the least very unsightly. Moss may be harmless to trees, however it can be nuisance.  Mossing creeps up on your trees and spreads very fast.  The good news is that is easy to get rid of all the moss on your trees. Our de-mossing formula is one of the most reliable and trusted in Durham North Carolina.

Getting Rid of the Moss

The first stage in the demossing process involves carefully trimming all the dead branches and plucking out ball moss. Depending on the severity of the moss spread, we can simple apply nutrient rich soil to help the branches recover or move on to spraying. We the trees with sodium bicarbonate, which removes the moisture from ball moss, eventually killing it. Experience matters a lot in the demossing process. Failure to carefully follow procedures will do your trees a lot of harm.

Reliable De-Mossing Experts in Durham

On the surface, de-mossing your trees may seem like a simple task, but it is no do-it-yourself project. It requires careful action as any mistakes made while trimming dead branches could harm the rest of your tree. With over 30 years’ experience serving the greater Durham area, we have performed countless tree de-mossing projects and we would be happy to assist with yours. Let us use our tools, resources, and experience to solve your ball moss problems. Call today for a free tree de-mossing estimate.


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