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Great-Looking Yards Start With Tree Trimming

A good tree pruning does more than make your trees look beautiful, it actively restores their health and vitality. Our Durham experts all have years of experience performing professional tree prunings that leave trees stronger and lovelier than ever. We clear debris, increase air filtration, correct stability issues, and more! Here are just a few of the benefits your trees will experience from one of our expert trimmings:

  • Increased Stability: Trees overburdened by debris and heavy branches often experience compromised stability. Our Durham experts will selectively remove branches and excess material to correct misalignment, as well as increase your trees’ ability to filter high winds.
  • Superior Beauty: Our Durham experts have an experienced eye when it comes to trees, and know exactly what cuts will flatter your trees best. Trees trimmed by our experts are some of the most beautiful in North Carolina, let alone Durham!
  • Improved Health: Before we begin pruning, our experts will clear your trees of debris and diagnose any health problems. If there are any issues that need correcting, we’ll get to work removing infected limbs, spraying for pests, or perform any other necessary services.

Why Amateur Tree Trimmings Just Aren’t Worth It

Amateur tree trimmers may offer low estimates, but can they provide the kind of professional results our experts can? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is almost always no. Homeowners in search of a bargain tree trimming often find themselves faced with tree topping disasters and other costly mistakes like blunt cuts, and stub cuts. Worse, they may end up with property damage due to improper safety standards; a situation made worse by the fact that so many amateur tree services are uninsured. When you consider the risks that amateurs bring with them, as well as the fact we’ve had to create a restorative pruning service dedicated to fixing their mistakes, amateurs suddenly don’t seem like that great of a deal. Especially not when you consider that our prices are actually extremely low, and that our honest estimates are never prone to sudden inflation the way certain other company’s are!

Contact Our Durham Office for a Free Service Estimate!

If it’s been a while since your trees have had a pruning, or if they’re starting to exhibit signs of instability and distress, it may be time to contact our tree experts! Our tree service professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have, as well as arrange a free estimate or on-site consultation. Our tree trimmings are among the most affordable in Raleigh-Durham, and produce visible results everyone can appreciate. You can reach our Durham office at any time, just e-mail us at Durham@PremiereTreeServices.com or call (919) 407-8330.

Our experts regularly trim trees in communities throughout North Carolina, including Cary, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham County.


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